The cost of living in Seattle is rising, and while part of that can be attributed to living in a growing city, a significant portion of that is the increasing tax burden being placed on our residents and businesses. We need to learn to live within our means, find creative solutions to problems, and support non-profit organizations without merely looking for excuses to tax.

So what can we do?

  • Stop Pushing Business Out of Seattle – By levying taxes on businesses (like the failed Head Tax) and individuals (like the Soda Tax) we are merely pushing businesses and individuals to spend their money elsewhere. We need to stop taxing to punish business and allow our businesses to succeed so they can employ those who truly need the work.
  • Increase Support for Non-Profit Organizations – Make it easier for non-profits to do their jobs, and make sure government money is only being spent on those that are truly effective and careful with tax money.
  • Seek Out Innovative Solutions – Seattle is a place of huge innovation, and we should be running our city the same way. By tapping into local businesses, small and large, we can learn more about what works for them and what may work for some of our city’s problems. Creative solutions should be considered.