Spread the Word

Getting word out to your family, friends, neighbors is a great way to help inform voters that Ari is the right candidate.  You can do this in multiple ways:

  • Social Media – when the campaign posts something on Facebook/Twitter share the post.  By sharing the post you are telling your entire network that you believe in Ari and what he is trying to do to help Seattle
  • Tell Someone About Ari  – when talking with your friends/relatives about Seattle tell them that you support Ari and why.  The more people who hear about Ari and what he is doing the better chance we have of winning
  • Contact the Media – In certain cases, it appears we might have an uphill battle with getting equal coverage from the media as our opponent. One way you can help is writing to local media (tv, paper, radio, etc.) to explain why you think Ari is the man for the job via letters to the editor and/or op-eds.  Getting word out about Ari and all the things he is trying to do to help our city will increase our campaign’s footprint and our voter impact.