Seattle is a great city and that is why it attracts people from all over the world to work, visit and live. Sadly though, our city is experiencing an increase in crime associated our growth and affluence. It is quite common to see drug dealers and prostitutes operating in broad daylight. Intravenous drug use is rampant, leaving used paraphernalia on the streets causing a health hazard for all. Tent cities and derelict recreational vehicles double as store fronts for these illegal enterprises. Our peace officers are being marginalized by many elected officials and are leaving work for other municipalities. Recruitment is at an all time low and now there are special interest groups advocating for cuts in funding for probation services. This is an action opposed by municipal judges who were appointed by the same Seattle City Council that now wants to cut these services. It’s a vicious cycle that perpetuates itself. Can do better, we will do better.

So how do we fix it?

  • Enforce Existing Laws – Once the laws are enforced, people who came to Seattle to break the law will eventually leave to find an easier target. Even “basic” laws need to be enforced including: parking, vagrancy, and panhandling.  Substance abusers will be given the option of treatment or jail. Anyone requesting city services must be background-checked and verified before receiving those services so the city is not enabling repeat offenders like they are currently.
  • Support the New SPD Contract – We need to adequately staff community policing, support ongoing reform in the department, and have a chance for success with LEAD, CSOs, CIT, Nav Team – all of which require adequate patrol staffing, and response times to all priority levels of 911 calls. Recruit and train new officers to replenish our depleted force after many years of neglect and demonetization by the current city leadership.