Opioid/Meth Crisis

Our city has given  tacit consent to illegal drug dealers and users. Dealers operate on the streets in broad daylight, taking advantage of our most vulnerable. Needles and other drug paraphernalia are found in the parks where our children play. There is no enforcement, not because of our police, but because of the enabling of these crimes and activities by our current City Council.

So what do we do?

  • Reallocate Funding Set Aside for SCS (code for safe injection sites) Towards Treatment On Demand – Safe consumption sites are the highest liability and least scaled concept for Seattle’s opioid/meth crisis. Given Seattle’s degraded public safety and urban disorder, enabling more consumption at the expense of providing widely accessible treatment on demand is not sustainable at this juncture. Seattle does not have the policing or criminal justice grounding in place to safely support SCS. We need to properly staff outreach and MAT access at low-barrier clinics and ERs.
  • Help Those Who Need and Want It –   Provide additional funding for support and treatment facilities and community-based service centers for those with substance abuse problems as well as the mentally ill. Any repeat criminal offenders will be incarcerated as defined by law.