It rains in Seattle 8 months out of the year. The elderly and disabled can’t ride bikes and bike ridership is down. The city can’t be spending 12 million dollars per mile to install bike lanes that are hurting local businesses and snarling traffic. The excessive over-budget spending on the light rail and trolley car prove that the city cannot be trusted with taxpayer money and reforms must be put in place.

So what can we do?

  • Increase Practical Mass Transit Options – Currently Seattle’s new Transit projects have run or are projected to run over budget and have not solved transportation issues. The costs need to be audited to ensure fiscal accountability. The routing needs to be examined so as not to negatively affect businesses or make traffic worse. Practical mass transit options need to be explored and implemented.
  • Seek Out New Revenue Sources – Citizens are tired of paying up to $500 per vehicle in car tabs, while many ride the light rail for free. Other revenue sources, such as advertising on city transportation, have been under-utilized. At the same time we should not be seeking new tolls on our roads
  • Moratorium on all Bike Lane Projects – This is to allow time for an audit to be performed on construction spending so there can be full transparency of expenses. The routing of the lanes needs to be evaluated, with community input and discussion, to ensure full transparency and to reduce the impact on parking and local businesses
  • Find New Solutions to Old Problems – Commission a study to find practical common sense solutions to ease congestion with community input as a major component.