Good Governance

I have heard the frustration from my neighbors with a city hall that seems to operate from behind tinted windows; and I say enough is enough. I intend to help usher in an era of good governance for the city of Seattle. Transparency, inclusion, and attention to my constituents will be the hallmarks of my office if you choose me to be your representative on the city council. Join me today in creating a city government that we can trust; a city government which holds at its core an unwavering integrity and responsibility to the people of Seattle. Here are a few of the things I intend to address in order to create a more responsive and transparent city government:

  • I will hold regular town hall meetings in the various neighborhoods of my district to make it easier for you to access what is happening in your city hall and to comment on policy decisions before the council.
  • I will work to ensure that we have performance audits of all city programs that will be made available to the public so that you know you are getting the most out of your tax dollars.
  • When we give city funds to private non-profits, I will make sure that money only goes to organizations that meet the highest expectations of transparency and make detailed explanations of how funds are spent and results from that spending available to the public.
  • I will work to institute sunset clauses into city programs, tax breaks, tax & fee increases, and other policies so that we are continually reviewing the effectiveness of our programs and allowing them to sunset if no longer delivering the desired results.
  • I will work to ensure there is always an adequate public comment period for new city policies and that the information and ability to comment is easier to access for the residents of Seattle.