Ari in the News

The media’s coverage of Ari’s lobbying and path to City Council

Children discover unmarked graves of two veterans at Seattle cemetery

Ari Hoffman is a local businessman, husband and father, and a prominent member of Seattle’s Jewish community. His father and grandfather both served in the Navy, but when Hoffman expressed a desire to enlist after 9/11, they forbade him from serving, telling him, “We served so you don’t have to.”...
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KOMO Town Hall Takes on Controversial Business Tax

KOMO anchor Mary Nam and lead city reporter Matt Markovich moderated the town hall, which included guests on both sides of the issue. The participants were: Ari Hoffman, a local businessman. Courtney O’Toole, an organizer of the Housing for All Coalition Jon Scholes, president of the Downtown Seattle Association Jacob...
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Some Seattle residents say they are appalled by Sawant’s behavior

SEATTLE -- The debate remains contentious over the city's proposal to tax the biggest companies in Seattle and use the money to help ease the homeless crisis. Under the proposal, about 600 companies would be taxed $500 per employee, raising $75 million a year. That money would go to build...
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Seattle City Councilwomen Confronted in SODO over Proposed Employee Head Tax

Frustrated Seattle residents shared their concerns with two Seattle City Councilmembers about the homeless crisis and a proposed $75 million employee head tax on the biggest companies in town after a week of vivid confrontations around the city. The audio posted here is a long excerpt from the SODO Business...
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10,000 Sign Petition Against Council Homeless Plan

In the four days since the group Safe Seattle launched an online petition against the city's proposed ordinance to allow the homeless to camp in city parks and sidewalks, more than 10,000 people have signed it. "I was absolutely blown away," said Harley Lever, who runs Safe Seattle. "But it...
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